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UNIQ Full Moon & Gift Shop

Congratulations, On The Arrival of Newborn Baby

Firstly, let us congratulate you on the arrival of your newborn. This joyous occasion will be celebrated soon and we thank you for interest in our range of Halal full moon packages. You will find that our full moon packages would be the perfect gift in terms of food quality, services, packaging and pricing.

Celebrate Newborn Full Moon

To assist you with the celebration, our Uniq Full Moon Gift Pack has been thoughtfully designed for this happy occasion with family members and friends. Our speciality, the Nyonya Ang Koo comes in two special designs, ‘Toh’ (peach) is representing your baby girl and ‘Yi’ (round and plain) is representing your baby boy. Despite our wide range, you can also customize some of the packages according to your wishes and preference. Rest assure that your relatives and friends who receive your Uniq Full Moon gift will be very impressed.