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Full Moon Custom

Tradition we all preserve

Full Moon Custom

Full moon or full month celebrations are celebrated by Chinese families whose baby reaches 1 month after birth. On the baby’s full moon month, some families host a dinner to entertain friends and relatives. Red hard-boiled eggs will be distributed too.

An odd number of eggs will be distributed if it is a boy and even number of eggs if it is a girl. Friends and relatives usually give a red packet in return. They may also give presents like baby food, articles for daily use or jewellery.

The Chinese also practise the custom of shaving off the baby’s hair on its full month. The baby’s hair is wrapped up in a red cloth and sewn to the baby’s pillow. It seems that by doing this, the baby would not be timid or easily frightened.

Nowadays, some of the traditional customs are still being practised either in whole or in part by modern parents. The practice of distributing Full Moon Gift Pack is seen as a more convenience way to announce the arrival of a newborn in the family and also to thanks the relatives and friends for their gifts.


如果孩子是个男的,就会分发单数的红鸡蛋:如果喜获千金,则会分发双数的红鸡蛋.礼尚往来,亲朋戚友都会回赠宴客的主人一封红包或礼物.例如: 婴儿食品,婴孩日常用品或珠宝.

华人家庭还有一个习俗,就在孩子满月时,为孩子剃头,然后用一块红布把孩子的头发包起来,缝在孩子的枕头上.他们相信这样做,孩子不会胆小或 容易受惊.


Did you know why we use red eggs? 红鸡蛋象征

New Journey 庆典与好运

The eggs symbolizes a new journey in life 鸿运当头

Good Luck 生命新里程碑

Red symbolizes celebration and good luck 象徵生命裏的一個新里程碑

Harmony and Unity 相处融洽与团气

The oval shape symbolizes harmony and unity 一团和气