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Purchasing Guideline

Tutorial to enjoy great deal

A. Follow the steps to enjoy every Buy 15 PWP 2 Full Moon Package

For Every 15 boxes ordered, PWP 2 Box for RM2

  • Package A
  • Package B
  • Package B (Vege)
  • Package C
  • Package E
  • Package CC
  • Package CR
  • Package G
  • Package F
  • Package J
  • Package K
  • Swiss Roll Package
  • Package P
  • Package PT

Step 1 : Select Promotion Package & Add 17 Quantity to the Cart. You will get 2 for RM2.

*Reminder : Adding 15 Products will not give you an additional PWP package automatically. Please Add another two to enjoy this bonus.

Step 2 : Check Your Cart

Kindly check your cart. You will be rewarded an extra 2 Package with RM2 upon purchasing 15 Packages.

B. Apply PWP for Package P

Each purchase of  Package P will be at the price of RM38.80, after order exceeding a single total cart of RM300.

Step 1 : Purchase Package P and add into Cart Section.

The price will be deducted as shown