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Pai Ti Kong Set


  Early bird Promo for our Pai Ti Kong Set. Kindly place your order before 9 February 2018 to get one free 5″ marble cake with one of the Pai Ti Kong set. Hurry, while stock last!! Please call 03-8070 0686 / 03-3323 6686 to place order 初九拜天公配套促销。请在2018年2月9日之预定,凡购买拜天公配套即可领取一个免费的5寸奶油蛋糕. 快致电03-8070 0686/ 03-3323 6686 询问

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Halal & Quality Fullmoon

Rest assured that your Muslim friends or relatives would be able to consume your Full Moon gift packs as all our products are certified Halal by Jakim. Can be easily verified by checking the Jakim website at

Halal Catering providers must be certified by The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia or JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia). JAKIM’s General Guidelines on The Slaughtering of Animals and The Preparation and Handling of Halal Food (2001) cover all aspects of:

Management practices

We have the responsibility to assure the process of handling, cooking, till packing are safety and quality in a proper environment. To get a certification of Halal is not an easy task, it is because there are many basic requirements/guideline to follow up and commit in order to provide a high quality food and service. Some people miss understood that Halal means pork-free which it is not true. On the other hand, Halal standard is ensured that employers and employees must practice good hygiene and safety working environment.

General Requirements for Halal Certification

  • Every producer or manufacturer / food premise / slaughter house must produce only halal products.
  • Every company that applies for the Halal Confirmation Certificate must ensure that the source of ingredients is halal and they must choose suppliers or sub-contractors that only supply halal goods or have Halal Confirmation Certificates.


  • All companies must ensure that halal procedures are observed in all aspects as underlined in the Malaysian Halal Certification Procedure Manual.
  • A company that is listed under the Multinational and Small & Medium Industry (SME)category is required to establish an Internal Halal Audit Committee and appoint an Islamic Affairs Executive (Islamic Studies) to oversee and ensure compliance of halal certification procedures;
  • Required to have a minimum of two permanent Muslim workers of Malaysian nationality in the kitchen / handling / food processing section;
  • Products must be clean and do not contain non halal ingredients as per Islamic law , during preparation, handling, processing, packaging or transfer;

Clean Kitchen

  • Equipment and appliances used on the premise must be clean and free of contamination by impurities based on Islamic law and not detrimental to health;
  • Transportation used must be specifically for halal product delivery only;
  • The cleanliness of equipment, transportation, manufacturing area and environment must be of utmost importance and the company must incorporate good manufacturing practices;
  • Religious worship paraphernalia are not allowed on the premise / food processing area.
  • Employees must adopt good work ethics and good hygiene practices such as the following:
    • All employees must receive certain specified injections at any health centers recognized by the government, before and after being taken into employment;
    • All employees must maintain good health and cleanliness, especially those who work as production operators;
    • Employees who are sick or injured or suffering open wounds that could jeopardize production quality must not be allowed to work until they have recovered;
    • Direct contact between employees’ hands and raw materials or unfinished products must be avoided;
    • Smoking, eating, drinking or storing of food, drinks, cigarettes or medicines must be done in specially designated areas and not allowed in the production area or any other area so as not to jeopardize quality of production;
    • All personnel entering the production area must wear proper factory attire or clean and decent clothing (if there is no designated factory attire) according to the health and cleanliness procedures. This applies to permanent and part time staff, management personnel, visitors and so on;
    • Employees must practise good hygiene and wear proper attire, head and mouth cover, gloves and proper shoes;

    clean cooking areabright and clean packing area

    • Employees must wash their hands thoroughly with appropriate hand sanitizers;
      1. Before starting any food handling activity;
      2. After using the washroom;
      3. After handling raw material or contaminated material etc.
    • Employees are not allowed to wear jewelry, watches etc at the food processing area to avoid possible contamination during the food handling process;
    • Employees must always be present at their designated duty areas, for example at the halal quality check point and halal raw material purchase point;
    • Employees must be responsible and committed to abiding by the underlined halal policy.

halal Certificates



Motherhood Expo 1-3 March 2013 @ KLCC


Where :    Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre When : 1 – 3 March 2013 Time : 10:30am – 9:00pm Admission : Entrance is FREE Maternity & Children’s Clothing and Accessories Medical Biotechnology & Management of Infertility Services Natural Nutrition Food for Weaning Babies Organic Toddler Formula Products Diaper, Furniture and Toy Retailers Infant & Toddlers Safety […]

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